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Course-Based Programs

Female student studyingDoctoral study options have historically been limited to the business professional. There are many reasons for this. Mainly, Ph.D. programs have not addressed the important point that most business professionals wishing to follow a doctoral program must do so while remaining active in the workforce. Otherwise said, traditional Ph.D. programs that require students to spend a large portion of their time on campus simply do not work for the seasoned and mature professional. Further, the MBA degree has been considered in academics to be the de facto terminal degree for management studies and as a result business professionals looking to continue their academic training are often faced with very limited options.

The active professional in today’s world must also contend with two important facts; 1. they will probably change careers at least three times before retirement, and 2. their master degree is no longer considered a competitive advantage due to the number of new master students flooding the market each year. Thus, in order to differentiate mid-career managers must earn higher credentials in the form of a Doctoral degree.

Keeping the above in mind, Monarch Business School has designed a series of professional doctorates that provide the necessary flexibility required by the working professional while at the same time providing the necessary level of academic rigour of a Doctoral program. The result is a group of exciting programs that may be followed from a distance and online. These programs make use of course based materials in order to prepare the candidate for further training within their industry, to prepare them for a switch of industries mid-career or to accelerate their present career to even higher achievement. The course-based programs on offer include the following:

Doctoral Level Programs